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Rant: episode 2 September 30, 2009

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Two in one day! Lions and tigers and bears! But seriously.

Here’s the thing. You know what you want out of life. I don’t mean your occupation or that you have the next 73 years planned out in perfect detail. If you do, cool, tell the rest of us your secret. But if you’re like me, you at least know what you want out of life; you know, do you want friends, do you want to be happy, that kind of thing.

Well…I hate to break it to you (because I hate to break it to myself – I am so in your boat), but you’re the only one who can do anything about that/ Your entire life, your future, your dreams, everything is in your hands. If you say left, the bus goes left. It isn’t going to argue with you because it sees something better on the right. It’s up to you.

So make your life. Don’t waste time. make every second the best second of your life, because in five seconds you may run out of time. Make everything the best it can be, make your time serve you the best it can, and really and truly suck the freaking marrow out of life. Because life is all you have, and eventually, you won’t even have that. It doesn’t help to sit around feeling sorry for yourself (although I’m all for wallowing once in a while, as long as you move on) and wishing. Only you can make your wishes come true. I know, sign me up for Hallmark, I’m sorry for my cliche and cheesy material, but it’s good advice. Methinks the Disney company wasn’t so far off.



Rant: episode 1

I’m not normally one for writing/reading blogs that exist solely for the purpose of letting your mind explode on the virtual world, but once in a while you’ve got to step out of your own shoes.

I am seriously angry at imperialism. And white superiority complexes that are, by the way, on a rampage, and have been since…well, since racism has existed, which has probably existed since there were different races, and that’s where I stop and a historian/geologist/person picks up. But my goodness, we are a pretty package. Hey guys, let’s go over to this continent and bring our guns and alcohol and non-existent morals and let’s just – heck – let’s just invade. And ooo, look, little Johnny Esquire over here has an idea. Yes, Johnny, what is it? “Well, I was thinking,” (he says with feverishly excited eyes) “that after we invade, we can get mad at the people who live there for being there before we were!” Yeeeees! Johnny, that is just brilliant.

And hey, while we’re at it, let’s also try to impose our ideas on them and tell them that their culture is worthless, that they don’t know anything, and that they’re stupid. Yeah. That sounds like fun. Let’s force them to stop speaking their own language and make them dress like us. And then let’s spread rumors about them and make their lives hell on earth. And let’s make them promises that we know we’re not going to keep, and let’s kill half of them and let the other half rot in the slums.

The curse, or maybe blessing, of wanting to be a sociologist is that all these things come to light, and before you know it you’re one of those freaks in the protest parades, with war paint on your face and holding a sign begging imperialists to stop. Just stop. because we go in, and when we’ve made a sufficient mess of things on the pretense that we’re freedom fighters or human rights activists, we promptly withdraw and let the country go on in shambles, because you know what? It probably won’t recover in decades and centuries what it took us single years to destroy.