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The World of Publishing July 31, 2009

PublishingI realized that some people might wonder about my links on the sidebar, since they seem somewhat random.

I have been writing seriously for around 6 years now, and for about 5 1/2 of those years I was waaayyy uninformed. As in, I thought that you have to pay a literary agent up front, that you can query most publishers without having an agent, and that “query” means “send the whole manuscript.” I didn’t take writing courses or classes, I thought poetry could be written however I wanted it, and that self-publishing was a good way to start a career as a writer.

Boy, was I wrong. I fairly recently discovered that literary agents – who, by the way, are much more human than people might think they are – don’t charge up front fees if they’re legit, they really do love the work they represent, and some of them even write blogs.

It is these enlightening blogs, like Miss Snark, Janet Reid’s blogs, and BookEnds, LLC that have taught me a LOT about the world of publishing. And instead of being totally discouraging, I actually feel for the first time since I’ve started writing that I can actually become a published author, if my stuff is good enough. And I can always improve, so if I work hard, one day it will be good enough. No question.

If you are a writer, I highly suggest that you read this blogs, and more. These agents really should be paid for all the valuable advice they’ve given to “nitwits (Miss Snark)” like us.