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Don’t Just Stand There July 29, 2009

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StandWhen life gets hard and we feel like we’re getting more than we signed up for, obviously the first reflex is to feel sorry for ourselves. Given, usually there are extremely good reasons to feel sorry for ourselves – the roof fell on my head, a fat cat fell on my head, a fat cat threw up on my carpet, then fell on my head – but if we’re being honest, things could always get worse.

Well…not to be overly cliché, but life is hard, and the sooner we realize that and move on, the better. Things are always going to happen, bad things. You might even die tomorrow, or worse – your favorite TV show might not come on at its regular time. But (to quote my hero, Timon) there’s nothing we can do to change it, so why worry?

A better use of time would be to do something about the things we can change. I can’t change the fact that I moved accross an ocean from a country I’d lived in for ten years, where all my friends were, to a country I wanted to go to but don’t have friends (or Starbucks). But I’m here now, and while I have all this loverly free time not being taken up by friends, I can use it for something else that might mean a lot to somebody else.

We are in this world for a reason. if you don’t believe in God and Jesus and that you have a higher purpose, fine (well, not really, but that’s a different post altogether), but you can’t ignore the fact that you’re on this planet, you have talents and gifts and probably money, and there are people around you who need it. I’m not saying you should sell all your stuff and join a convent (unless you want to), but is it that hard to give $5 a month to charity? Or to give an hour a week of your time to volunteering?

And helping out isn’t just working in a hospital without getting paid. If that’s not your thing you can plant trees, teach kids how to read and write, get into horse therapy for autistic kids, or whatever else you can do. If you can write, write. If you can sing, sing. There’s loads of opportunities for every one of us to do something. You’re a part of this world, and it’s given you a lot – give something back. Yes, yes, “how dare you be corny,” I’m sorry, I apologize, yadda yadda…just do something, okay?



on strike July 27, 2009

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MoneyOkay, so I get that wages are low and you have a family to feed and you work harder (and in much more gross conditions) in public service (trash removal, bus driving, etc) than the averge six figure earner, and I get that going on strike is away to fix that. or at least try to fix it. But my word, must we set things on fire? Kind people, who currently look not so kind but actually look kind of bloodthirsty, I implore you to s’il vous plaît stop throwing makeshift bombs into the street. Stick with the signage and the yelling, and if you like you can even section off a street or invade a building or something. Have at it. But let’s not cost people any more money, yeah? If I were you I’d rather have the money spent on repairing damages that I made on pumping steroids into my paycheck.

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That said, I would now like to add that things have got to change. When is a government going to do what is says it will? I would hate to say never, because then I’ll be accused of being negative. But I’m fairly sure – after, you know, watching the news and not living under a rock and things – that it’s sort of up to the rest of us to make the world how we want it to be. Which is why I have nothing against strikes (just occasional methods used).

I also have no problem with volunteer work, protests, donating to shelters, teaching kids to read, cleaning the sidewalk, and smiling once in a while.

Come on, guys. We don’t have to all start dressing like hippies and carrying hemp canvas bags, but can we please just focus on something other than ourselves for a bit?