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HIV AIDS August 6, 2009

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HIV AIDSInformation, quotation, and pictures are courtesy of This blog is in no way affiliated with (RED) and all opinions expressed, unless otherwise noted, are the views of the author and not necessarily of (RED).

HIV AIDS is a deadly incurable disease. The HIV virus itself is potentially harmless; in other words, just because you have HIV doesn’t mean you have AIDS. But once the HIV virus is in your body, you are at serious risk to have the virus aggravated, and getting AIDS.

HIV AND AIDS pose an enormous hurdle to economic development in Africa. Typically, the disease affects people in the most productive years of their lives. So, men and women who need to support their families can no longer do so, or worse, they die. In fact, an estimated 12.1 million African children under the age of 18 have lost at least one parent to HIV and AIDS. The result is families left severely handicapped by the disease, or in the worst case, households led by children. Children left without parents must fend for themselves.”

However, although AIDS is not entirely curable, there is a very successful treatment that can not only improve quality of health but can extend an AIDS victim’s life. And for people who have the HIV virus but don’t have AIDS yet, the treatment can prevent the development of the disease. It’s called “antiretroviral therapy,” and it’s incredibly easy to use: all you need is a glass of water and two pills a day. It’s not painful, expensive, intrusive, or traumatic in any way. Once people start using it, they have to keep drinking the pills every day for the rest of their lives, but the point is that they will have a life.

Even though the treatment is not expensive (about 40¢ – USA currency – a day), it’s still too much for most AIDS victims to afford. So (RED) has set up a program through which people who actually have money can make donations to help spread the treatment, as well as educate people about AIDS; what it is, how it can be treated, and how to prevent the spread of AIDS.

To help out, you can either click here to make a money donation directly into the Global Fund, or you can go here to buy products from brands like Apple, Converse, Windows, Starbucks, and Gap; a portion of the money is sent to (RED), who then sends 100% of the recieved money to the Global Fund. Products like iPods, Starbucks coffee, and special edition Converse shoes are available. $13 is the cost of one month’s treatment for one person; do the math. You can make a difference.